A network of high-definition cameras on the use of the user asked (1)

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Recently due to the high-definition cameras arecont vision of the network began to be used in highway and extensive monitoring, advanced shopping hotel surveillance, airports, terminals, customers in the use of the process, but also to understand the product less, during the collection in a number of common questions are focused on answers for you. More detailed technical questions, please refer to technical exchange part.

1.AV camera RoHS-it?
A: AV products are in line with the European Union in the electrical and electronic equipment, restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS), 2002/95/EC regulating substances directive, the certification applies to all in April 2006
Issued after 15 AV products.

2.AV3130 There are movable parts?
A: AV3130 has no moving parts inside.

3. I use the same version of the firmware update all the camera?
A: We have several firmware update file, the camera model in the updated list of file names can be found.

4. Image archive can be set to loop recording it?
A: Once the available disk space to an end user can set the limits, AV100 software will overwrite the old files every few minutes. By default, the limit is 15GB, but you can edit
The machine 【Storage】 menu C: Program FilesArecont VisionVideo Surveillance in the. Ini file to change.

5. We can be installed there to buy from other suppliers of electric zoom it?
A: The camera does not support power zoom, but you can install an external PTZ head to a separate control.

6.AV cameras support multicast it?
A: AV camera does not support multicast.

7. How do we get the latest version of the AV100/firmware / manual?
A: AV100 software, and manuals can log on to your personal account and click on the "Download" button to download (Password must Arecont Vision's technical support department to receive).

8. Your software includes motion detection it?
A: Our software includes motion detection. But most of the AV also supports hardware motion detection camera, this motion detection and motion detection software does not take up CPU cycles compared. This "camera test"
Feature can reduce the overall network bandwidth, so the camera itself does not transfer images to detect movement up to date. User adjustable three kinds of motion detection sensitivity settings, and can specify up to 64 sports
Detection area.

9. How to use the AV100 built-in web server?
A: AV100 software has a built-in web server that allows multi-user remote access to real-time video or video files. This server through IE browser, click HTTP: / / ip_address: port / guix.htm
Need to access, where the IP address of the computer running AV100 software, IP address, port number corresponding to the port set in the remote browse menu. Please note that in order to connect AV100 remote server, the user
To determine the "Allow remote view" button is turned on and confirm the selection of the port is not blocked by a firewall. For added security, remote access port of the default value is 4250. Users can select any available
Port. Usually port 80 (HTTP port) is most likely to open, it is the IE browser's default port.

10. How do I sign into the "development support portal?"
A: access development support portal requires an NDA (nondisclosure agreement, access to documents before signing the form). More information available through websales@arecontvision.com.