Urban road monitoring equipment for the front-end top ten requests!

2010-04-10 14:29:13 zhangyangfang 85

Urban road monitoring equipment for the front-end top ten requests!

Monitor a wide range of non-blind spot
Monitoring requirements of monitoring a wide range of road, population density requirements to traffic junctions 360 monitoring, comprehensive, no blind spots, image clarity, can be used as the basis of evidence. High-speed ball equipment with conductive slip ring can be a continuous high-speed 360-degree rotation, with the high expansion of the integrated auto-focus camera, the general optical zoom of 18 times, 22 times, etc., in demanding a major traffic intersection 26 can be used times, 35 times the integrated camera, so you can fully meet the full range of monitoring needs.

Focus on the direction of fixed-point monitoring
Road monitoring of fixed targets require monitoring, such as traffic on the roads in the direction of the main sentinel surveillance, the police directing traffic on the intersection monitoring, important targets on junction outside government agencies to conduct surveillance. Fixed to achieve an important goal of three-dimensional positioning coordinates to use high-speed ball preset position function, many high-speed ball has 128 preset position, fully satisfy a variety of important traffic junction the number of fixed target requirements. Need to monitor more than one intersection point targets, you can use the automatic cruise function of high-speed ball, about to edit into a number of preset cruise line, every time a control point can be set to stay. In addition, the current high-speed ball can be done to pre-position and cruise editor for Chinese characters defined in the preset position call and cruise route shows the name of the location of the Chinese Information and cruise line name, and greatly facilitates the use of the traffic control department .

Accurate positioning, fast-track
Must deal with illegal road monitoring, traffic accidents, law and order cases of unusual circumstances such as to require fast and accurate front-end cameras to locate and track fast moving target. Speed Dome Built-in integration, auto-focus camera can quickly focus on positioning, more critically, high-speed built-in high resolution global general breakdown of the stepper motor, the maximum rotation speed with a preset bit rate measure, the general can do high-speed ball to rotate 300 degrees per second, basically every second circle can be rotated to ensure fast enough. Automatic reversal is when the camera can be done in the vertical down automatically turn 180 degrees, so that security cameras can monitor continuously track the target. Speed manual is the traffic control department in the central control room operating the keyboard and other control equipment back when the speed of manual operation, are generally divided into low speed manual and manual maximum speed, minimum speed manual zoom magnification can guarantee that when the image of the stationary, manual maximum speed can be manually monitor targets such as fast-track suspicious people, accident vehicles.

The scope of monitoring
Road monitoring, the requirements on a range of targets to monitor, such as square, government agencies, perimeter, major road sections in the other. High-speed automatic scanning ball, you can set the monitor around the border area, scanning speed, as currently the better high-speed ball has also developed a pattern line scan function, which break automatically scan line scan line between two points. For example, for the square, "waves," large-scale scanning for high-altitude down "Xiaoping Guo-style" large-scale scanning, so the ball can not only guarantee high-speed high-definition graphics and monitor the effects, but also on a larger range of control.

Customized monitoring
Monitoring the road there are more humane requirements of each intersection is different, different needs at different time monitoring, a monitoring action can not be met, but the need to monitor the movements are combined to form a variety of "customized" needs. High-speed ball with Tour trace of self-learning (learning path), you can manually control the situation at the scene again control the camera control lines, the high-speed ball smart "records" down, and then follow the path of recorded surveillance. Tour track and self-learning function can also be the initial bit state of high-speed ball combination, set the different time intelligent monitoring automatically starts different path.